The Fetch Life Mission

At Fetch Life®, our mission is to live inspired by the canine spirit and sense of adventure: with carefree abandon and unbound enthusiasm.

We strive to improve the lives of all animals, and hope to inspire others to join us in the endeavor. We cherish that our animal friends wish for nothing more than to love and be loved, and offer products that encourage the canine inspired grand way of living.

Fetch Life, LLC was founded in June 2006 after our family suffered the devastating and unexpected loss of our dog Bandit, who had been rescued in 2002 and brought joy and laughter to our lives for three and a half years. Our precious baby boy was only four years old when he died. Fetch Life® became the motto of Bandit’s legacy, and a constant reminder that life is for living and dreams are for chasing. We will never understand why Bandit was only in our lives for such a short time, but we know that he would have wanted us to continue striving and caring for more animals. We at Fetch Life, LLC are determined to help as many homeless and helpless animals as possible, and for those who have found their forever homes, well, to spoil them rotten.

Your support of our company enables us to continue to provide financial support for animal rescue organizations, and fosters our enthusiasm for living and honoring the dogs who have wholeheartedly and unabashedly rescued us.


- The Fetch Life Team